Artist: Priscilla Kepner Sage - Ames, IA Location: Unity Point Trinity Regional Medical Center, 802 Kenyon Road Year: 1989 Dimensions: 96” H x 60” W x 1” D Medium: Silver Mylar fabric and disperse dyes. Machine and hand stitched. Description: Often it is the technical problems that send me into experimentation with new material. Because the half-inch polyurethane pads were too thick to accomplish some of my new ideas, I collected every conceivable material that could be used to make a thinner pad: felt, polyurethane, stitch witchery and buckram. Finally, I found car headliner - a dense, thin quarter-inch polyurethane that is felted on one side, allowing easy movement through the sewing machine. The thinner pads, combined with the versatility and painterly quality of the disperse dyes, allowed me to paint intricate patterns on the surface and easily manipulate the structure. Three- to four-inch strips were stitched together to form an undulating relief composition within a rectangular format. Complex colored geometric patterns flow through this relief panel, with colors reflecting on colors as they create the effect of a moving quilt. Funded by: In honor of his vision, leadership, and commitment, the Boards of Directors of Trinity Regional Medical Center and Trinity Health Systems gratefully dedicate two Priscilla Sage celebratory sculptures to Thomas F. Tibbitts. Tom served Trinity for thirty years, 1980-2010, leading as President and C.E.O. Trinity Regional Medical Center was transformed into a multi-specialty, regional referral center during his tenure. His innovation and hard work have provided a strong foundation for the future good health of Fort Dodge and the region. Website: Kaleidoscopic Reflection